Michael Schneider

Press spokesperson REMONDIS


Michael Schneider

Press spokesperson, REMONDIS


Michael J. Schneider, press spokesperson at REMONDIS, is responsible for all press and public relations of Germany’s largest private recycling and water management company. The communications expert has long standing experience in the IT and energy sectors. At REMONDIS, Schneider focuses on the implementation and communication of sustainable production and resource management for our planet. With a total workforce of 32.000 employees and a turnover of € 6.1 billion REMONDIS processes 30 million tons of recyclables annually.


By the year 2050 our planet will have to support more than 10 billion people. More than 75 % of mankind will live in megacities. At the same time, the per-capita consumption of raw materials as well as waste accumulation will increase considerably. Michael J. Schneider shows the dimension of future challenges of urban life and outlines possible solutions for more sustainable resource management.