Bernhard Müller

Committee member Österreichischer Städtebund


Bernhard Müller

Committee member,Österreichischer Städtebund


seit 2015: Mitglied im Hauptausschuss Österreichischer Städtebund

seit 09/15: Generalsekretär, Urban Forum – Egon Matzner-Institut für Stadtforschung
2015 – 2017: Leiter Büro Ost-Österreich, Communalp GmbH

06/10 – 06/16: Bundesvorsitzender des Kommunalpolitischen Zentrums/GVV Österreich der SPÖ

10/05 – 02/15:  Bürgermeister der Statutarstadt Wiener Neustadt


The Smart City Wien Framework Strategy identifies three main areas: Resources, Quality of Life, and Innovation. Each central aspect of the Smart City Wien Strategy is represented by an overarching goal that is to be attained by means of detailed targets. The strategy defines ten focus areas. For example, for “Resources” the focus areas are “Energy”, “Mobility”, “Buildings” and “Infrastructure”.

Despite all of these attempts, the most important thing is, that a Smart City does not work without Smart Citizens. It is up to all of us to support this idea so that the concept of a Smart City is not just a platitude or glare.