Dr. Meike Niedbal

Head of Corporate Programme Smart Cities Deutsche Bahn AG

Head of Business Development DB Station & Service AG


Dr. Meike Niedbal
Head of Business Development, DB Station&Service AG

Meike Niedbal has held a variety of positions at Deutsche Bahn since joining more than seven years ago. As an expert in sustainable innovation, she has managed projects in areas such as e-mobility, autonomous driving and rural mobility. Today she is the project lead of Deutsche Bahn’s Smart Cities Project and she creates strategic concepts for stations in her position as Head of Business Development for the Station&Service business.


Smart Cities at Deutsche Bahn means: developing new concepts for city mobility [bike, on-demand buses], logistics [CargoBikes, SmartLocker] and stations [increasing the quality of passengers’ time spent there and developing new concepts, e.g. coworking].

To support this, a data platform is being developed to interlink the products on offer. The products and services are designed in collaboration with the cities.